Powerful Impressions!

We aim to make powerful impressions with high-quality products and on-demand printing of only the best products.

DTG Printing

We use direct-to-garment or DTG printing for most of our apparel products. It’s like using a regular printer, but specially designed for garments. Designs are printed directly onto the garment and absorbed into the fabric.
DTG printing yields quality prints, it’s cost-effective for one-off orders, and there’s almost no limit to the colors and fine detail you can use in your designs.

Screen Printing

For every design we create a stencil (“screen”) and use it to apply thick layers of ink to the printing surface. Each color is applied using a separate stencil, layered on one at a time, until they all come together to create the final look of your design.
Screen printing requires extra preparation time and materials, and therefore has some minimum order quantities, but it’s by far the best option for bright vibrant designs, dark shirts, and specialty items.


Graphics are printed on sublimation paper with specialty inks. Each product is wrapped with the printed paper and goes in the heat press, where ink turns to gas and gets absorbed in the fabric. On apparel is used on polyester fabrics.
The sublimation technique is also done on ready-made blank products. We use it for some accessories and promotional items.
Premium Quality Products
We don’t print on just anything. Every single product we print on is hand selected to meet our quality standard. You can always feel confident that when you place an order with us, any product you choose is a high quality product that you’re going to love.

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